20 dozen minmum

10 dozen minmum

20 dozen minmum

SMP Premium Pad, 72"x80" , 84 lbs/dozen

Premium Pad, face fabric is made of cotton/poly blended fabric. Heavy duty and industrial strength, durable and designed for retrievable moves. Ideal for long distance and multi-branches/offices international or national Van lines or movers.
Pad filler was made from recycled textile waste.

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SMP, Door Jamb Protector (DJP), 12 pcs/bale

SMP® DJP enhance customer moving satisfaction. Reduce claims. Allow the moving traffic in or out of furniture and office equipment through doorways without damage the door jamb. Three spring steel bands are covered with Polyester webbing and sewn into our premium style furniture pad.Heavy duty, industrial strength. Built-in three metal steel bands and easy fasten to any door jamb.   Easy put it on and easy take it off. DJP 24"(width) x72" (height), weight approx. 3 lbs each. 

SMP, Global Pad, 54"x84", 20 lbs/dozen

SMP® Global Pad, is the most cost effective and tear-resistant pad for wide range house-hold goods packaging and protection. SMP® global pads are made from 100% recycled textile waste. It is a true green product to reduce landfill.

SMP Space-saver Pad, 54"x72" , 25 lbs/dozen

Protect small items around house? This SMP spacesaver is right for you. Small & handy and easy pack any small items and maxmiz your pad usage.Space Saver Pad, size 54"x72" (137x183 cm), 25 lbs/12 pcs (11 kgs/dz), non-woven cloth, yellow trim. 

18"x 1500' 90 gauge stretch clear film shrink wrap

Exceptional elongation provides you with the economy and value you need. Good puncture resistance ensures that you can wrap any irregular loads. Elevated load retention provides consistent wraps for everyday usage. Superior optics means your product will be easily recognized and can be electronically scanned in the distribution process. 4 rolls per case.

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We offer USA brand SMP Standard Moving Pad in 6 (six) qualities to meet different moving applications and budget.   Our pads are sold to many US domestic and international professional movers. Our SMP are warehoused in Charlotte, North Carolina USA. Goods are ready to be picked up or shipped all year around nationwide and worldwide.  SMP is a true green product to reduce landfill and waste.     

SMP, blanket strap

1"webbing strap.  Made of 100% clear polyester, 1”width, 150 feet (46 meters) per roll. UV resistance, 3,600lbs breaking strength. Widely used in moving trade to pack or tie down in-truck stuffs. 150 ft per roll, 5 rolls in a box, box size 14"(length) x 14"(width) x 5"(height), 17lbs/box

SMP Warehouse pad, 72"x80" , 65 lbs/dozen


Our SMP warehouse pad is heavier and thicker than most competitors' on the marketplace. Why use thinner and poor pad results customer claims?
Buy SMP warehouse pad will save your money.


SMP, Dolly protector

SMP® Dolly Pad, Dolly pad: One metal against woods or fine finish of any furniture, it results surface damages.  Our dolly pad was designed to protect your household goods and any delicate or fragile items. Our dolly pads will save your money and repairs. Heavy duty, industrial
strength.  Easy put it on and easy take it off. We have two sizes: Height 44" x width 16"  and 2) Height 52" x width 18" 

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10 dozen minmum

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SMP Standard Moving Pad


  • 12 pcs minmum
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10 dozen minmum

SMP Deluxe Pad, 72"x80" , 84 lbs/dozen

SMP Deluxe Pad, 72"x80" , 84 lbs/dozen
SMP Deluxe pad is a new pad developed in 2013, which is made from recycled textile waste, pads interior has a softer touch to protect antiques, artworks and fine furniture.  

SMP Eco Pad, 72"x80" , 84 lbs/dozen

This pad outer and inner shells are made from Non-woven cloth, which proven the most cost effective pads. If you are a long-distance or international movers, this pad will save your money and cuts down your pad cost. SMP Eco pad is sold most and the most popular pad in USA market. Best seller!!
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